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released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


The Trap Happy Swindlers New York

Sitting on the corner of fuck and everything.
We've got no hope, but we've got songs to sing.

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Track Name: STD
Always smoking papers never smoking blunts. Always fucking bitches never fucking cunts. I turned her around and hit her from the back (Never go ass to mouth). Trap Happy Swindlers smoking mad tree, jammin in parking lots until 3. John might have an STD (PROBABLY).
Track Name: My Life's A Joke
My life's a joke, and i'm not laughing anymore. I sold my soul to a bottle of cult passed out on the floor. I clipped my wings so i can sing. and maybe touch your heart. Metalcore helps me sleep. But its not classified as music by most. And just know if you borrow my sweatshirt that's asking a lot and your probably important I don't do that for anyone. And just know that I got too drunk last night passed out on the floor thought about love, at least I had one. I got a question. Never mind you already answered it. Too many life lessons. Based off of talking with degenerates. I got some problems fuck you. I don't wanna deal with it. I'm not a person. In the end were all just fucking spirits. And I can't hear you. Over the sound of my screams. And I can't see you in my head when i'm having all these bad dreams. ALL THESE BAD DREAMS!!!!!! (Breakdowns)
Track Name: Glue
How far could i really get with this guitar. I don't think it will get me very far. Cause there are people who have little clothes and too much too. And there's people who are smoking crack and sniffing glue. Yeah yeah yeah. Well i have so many thoughts its hard to put them down on paper. So I put the 40 on the shelf and i'll save it for later. cause there's people who will steal your shit and people who wont too. But most of them will so fuck you. YEAH YEAH YEAH.
Track Name: Tryna Drink
I'm tryna drink. I'm tryna get fucked up. Tryna Drink. Tryna get fucked up. The one thing i'm good at. making people buy me alcohol. Chug under the radar. In the mall in a bathroom stall. I wish I could major in, disappointing family and friends, then maybe I could say that this isn't the end. I'm tryna Smoke. Tryna get fucked up. Tryna smoke. Tryna get fucked up. I'll play guitar for money, shits not even funny. Just grab me a 40 and I'll be your honey. Everyone around me. 1makes me feel like an asshole. So as a result I feel like an asshole. Tryna Drink. Tryna get fucked up.
Track Name: Summer Haze
Another song about the worst another song about the best. Another song about a 40 another song about my pets. And i'm asking myself questions like what day is it today. Lost in a summer haze. Your asking yourself questions like will i make it till tomorrow. I bet that you don't wanna, your head is filled with sorrow. And what if you were told that tomorrow would be the same. The question is would you stay. I think that you should stay. And maybe we'll go our separate ways.
Track Name: Bert, Your always on the floor
Terrorist. And I said it again. Terrorist. And I don't know where to go. Playing with a Martin. You dropped that shit any day. With a Martin. Another year gone by. And my dogs are sitting in the same places they were before. BERT... Your always on the Floor!! And you know that I live through music and you can see that i'm gonna use it.