Dee​-​wees and Robberies

by The Trap Happy Swindlers

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This Is Rock Bottom.


released February 16, 2015



all rights reserved


The Trap Happy Swindlers New York

Sitting on the corner of fuck and everything.
We've got no hope, but we've got songs to sing.

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Track Name: In Here
In here, it smells like va-jay-jay. Black cat at my window, i'm superstitious. My hand on my penis. In here, the bottles are stacked. The money is stacked. I smell like butt crack. In here.
In here the walls, are full of holes. And the bed, is full of hoes. And clothes. In which i depend on, to keep me warm. Through the winter and on. Black cat at my window. the walls are full of holes and the bed is crawling with hoes. In here.
Track Name: Don't Think About It
Don't think about it now. Don't even frown. I know its really hard. I know it's not in the cards. The nights spent walking miles in the cold on his way home. Contemplating my soul. Contemplating my soul. Its too cloudy to completely see the moon. The easy way out, or too soon. I swear its never been my fault. I don't belong anywhere at all. I don't enjoy being cheated and lied to. But that's all I know. This is all way too familiar now. I can't seem to give a fuck anyhow. Your right next to me but still you could never fucking see me. Still you could never see me. Tryna separate myself, from all this hell. Staring at the walls, i'm better off alone.
Track Name: I Don't See An Alternative
I feel comfort when I look at the sky. My reasons and wonders why. I feel comfort when I look in your eyes. And you look back at mine. i don't know what were all doin here. But I swear to god, i'll figure that out. One day i'll give all this up. Have you ever sat alone and just wondered why. Why were all put there in submission and were gonna die. I'm just head bangin on the way to probation. Sitting up in bed thinking about you dying. My mind always goes to the negative things in life. Bad decisions turning fires at night. Walking around in the cold alone. Just to clear my head when i'm feeling down. Screaming at the top of my lungs. When no-ones home. When no-ones home, but they never are. And I never felt like I belonged anywhere at all so i'll find comfort in the things i hate the most. I'm self destructive. i can't see anything else. I don't see an alternative. I don't see and alternative. I'm self destructive. I don't see an alternative.