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Fuck Face McGee and Jack Attack weather the treacherous and hate filled adventures of Probation.


released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Trap Happy Swindlers New York

Sitting on the corner of fuck and everything.
We've got no hope, but we've got songs to sing.

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Track Name: Here's My Piss
Started my first day of intake. Like back in high school a young mistake. I am so fucking sober. Calculating when this will be over. I am chugging fucking red bull. This is so fucking dull. So here's my piss. Get a load of this. (x2)
A few months have passed since I've smoked that gas. I don't like crowds that much, they tend to give me a nervous hunch. But i don't think that its you or me. I tend to blame society. So here's my piss, Get a wiff of this. (x2)
Why won't you just leave me be? If I lose my job please don't do this to me. I'm trying so hard to stay low key. But its really hard when your Fuck Face McGee. When life takes a dump on you. We know to buy each other brew. So here's my piss. I hope you spill this. So here's my piss. Stop grilling my dick.
Track Name: Earth To Mother Ship
Well I don't even have a concept of time. It's exhausting each day. I don't have a button to stop my mind. You don't even get it anyway. So many people that I talk to, will never understand my mind. I can't even get it past the time, passed the time so to pass the time. I'm staring at the clock each day. It's just a circle and numbers to me. I don't know whats happened to me.
Earth to mother ship. I don't fuck with this. (x2)
Can we please end this experiment? Come here and take me back. My heart sent eons and eons away. Sifting through my mind in pain and time. Iv'e lost track counting the days, Iv'e been sick for way too long. All this burning plastic in my lungs. I don't know whats going on.
Earth to mother ship. I don't Fuck with this. (x2)
Track Name: Anxiety
Getting this feeling in the pit of my stomach once again. losing all hope my thoughts are choked and my trust is gone. I'm tryna die, cut all ties, mad depressed another ship wreck. It's about time, it's about time, It's about time.
My anxiety, won't go away. I can't shake the feeling, you'r tryna kill me. (x2)
I'm counting the lies in her eyes. I'm a ghost. I'm tryna start all over with this four leaf clover. I'm counting the lies in her eyes twenty times over. Its about time. Its about time. Its about time.
My anxiety. Won't go away. I cant shake the feeling. You'r tryna kill me. (x3)
Track Name: See You Later
I'll sit in my car until I don't feel like shit. But that might take all night. But that might take all night. And do I have the time ? But all my times wasted. Feeling like shit. Feeling like shit. And if this is the last song that I'll ever wright. Just know I tried so fucking hard to make it right. Bury me under the house I grew up in. I'll see you later. I'll see you later.
I'll sit in this parking lot until I don't feel like shit. Thinking about that shot. Re-loading the clip. Into my head. There's so many things I'd wished, i'd done differently, screaming no regrets.
And if this is the last song i'll ever wright, know I tried so fucking hard to make it right. (x2)
Bury me, under the house I grew up in. I'll see you later. I'll see you later.
Track Name: Snack Attack
I couldn't sleep last night. Woken up to a sound in fright. My tummys rumbling. I hear some thumping as I slowly crept downstairs. my kitty. Always sleeps down there, my kitty. I made myself a fucking snack. As I took my first bite they attacked.
I ran for the back yard. I didn't get very far, once I reached the backyard. FUCK FACE GRABBED ME! JACK ATTACK STABBED ME! Look to the sky as I bled out. The last thing I heard. Were sirens. Laughing and screaming as they ran AWAY! I'll never eat a snack again. I'll never fuck with those boys again. Snack Attack! Snack Attack! Snack Attack!
Track Name: In This Court House
In this court House, I feel trapped locked out. You'r friend is sentenced to jail. Our souls are for sale. In this court house, waiting on the bench now. The decision is on the fence now. Am i gonna get a second chance now. We look around for hope but nothing was found. I'll go second man you go first lets see what a life is really worth. In this court house, you have no belongings. You have no say, all you know is that you have to stay. In this court house, quiet as a mouse. Lawyers aspirating, judges contemplating. In this court house nobody knows what will go down. I get wished the best of luck, but in the end im getting fucked. In this court house, do you hear the word going around. Did you hear the amount of that bail? That dudes definitely going to jail. Please take me somewhere else, I don't like the way. this place smells. Husbands separated from their spouse, that's how you know your in a court house. In a court house. You have no say. All you know is that you have to stay.
Track Name: BroBation
When we get off probation, were gonna go on vacation. Were gonna throw a party. Were gonna chug on 40OZ. We'll be screaming nigga, WE MADE IT! Shit went from zero to a hunna. REAL QUICK! (x2)
When we get off probation, i'm gonna throw a party. Were gonna chug on 40OZ. Like we used to do in the old days.
We'll be screaming nigga. WE MADE IT! Shit Went From zero to a hunna. REAL QUICK! (x2)
Track Name: I Am Fuck Face McGee
I scream so mother fucking much I got one lung. Pop that puss let me explore that shit with my tongue. Slap that ass life is wack im leaving hand prints. Lets start drinking at the mall before we shop lift. If life is turn up turn it louder i cant hear ya. Fuck Face Mcgee Trap Happy Swindlers bruh. (x2)
Our sound floats through the heart of the woods. Parking lots back yards. Your local hoods. Asking the moon will death consume before we all die. Apprehensive to the thought expensive taste and cheap cloth, I never through I'd spend my time with another that I find so full of love and out of touch with everyone's misguided hype.
If life is turn up turn it louder cause I cant hear ya. Fuck Face McGee trap happy Swindlers Bruh. (x2)
Found a grind stole the keef. Fucked that bitch. I think she queefed.
Track Name: Mud
We both ended up at the same place at the same time. Dude are you okay? Dude I don't know whats good. Common ground, the world on a sound. Common ground the world on one sound. We both looked over at the crippling horizon. Can't you see death lives in our eyes man. Count the blessings in each breathe. Everything else is meaningless. Slammin um down. Passed out on the ground. Lying awake counting mistakes. Torn and left forgotten so many fucking problems.
Head in the clouds. Buried in the ground. Heads in the ground. Buried in the clouds.
We'll I can't take the world out by myself. So I'll take myself out of this world. (x2)